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The Public Enterprise Testing Centre “Omega” of Ukraine and SEDAM Communication Limited of the UK offer their service in Type Approval testing of marine radio equipment for western manufacturers


We are:


The Public Enterprise Testing Centre “Omega”, Sevastopol, Ukraine


SEDAM Communication Limited, London, UK Omega’s Partner and Liaison with Western customers and organisations


Independent Experts from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, New Zealand, Norway, UK, Ukraine, USA


Accreditations and recognitions


- ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation  

- Testing Laboratory accredited by National Agency of Accreditation of Ukraine

- COSPAS-SARSAT test facility

- Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

- Shipping Register of Ukraine

- US Coast Guard

- FCC registered as a measurement facility compliant with the requirements of Section 2.948 of the FCC rules (registration number 181479)

- ВАВТ (British Approvals Board for Telecommunications) Appointment Number LAB/033

- TÜV Rheinland InterCert - Agreement of technical scientific cooperation


Measurements for Conformity Assessment


Measurements are performed for compliance with requirements of:


- International standards for maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems:

- IEC 60945: 2002 “Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems” (and similar: European standard EN 60945, Ukrainian standard DSTU 4904, Russian Federation standard GOSTR 52691-2006);

- IEC 61097-1,-2, -3, -4, -6, -7, -8, -9, -12;

- IEC 61162‑1,-2, -102,

- IEC 61993-1, IEC 61993-2;

- IEC 61996-2

and others


- US Standards RTCM Paper 77-2002/SC110-STD.

- FCC Rules (as the measurement facility compliant with the requirements of Section 2.948)

- International standards for radiated & conducted emissions, radiated & conducted susceptibility (immunity):

- Radio disturbance characteristics       CISPR 22;

- Electrostatic discharge                      IEC 61000-4-2;

- Radiated immunity                           IEC 61000-4-3;

- Electrical fast transient /burst            IEC 61000-4-4;

- Surge                                             IEC 61000-4-5;

- Conducted immunity                        IEC 61000-4-6;

- Power frequency magnetic immunity  IEC 61000-4-8;

- Voltage dips & interruptions              IEC 61000-4-11



Our Customers


Radio Electronic Equipment Manufacturers from Western and Central Europe, Scandinavia, South-East Asia, Near East and North America.


Experience in testing of the Marine Radio equipment


The Public Enterprise Testing Centre “Omega”. The Testing Center “Omega” was established in 1968 as a base center for the testing of mobile and marine radio equipment.


In 1993 the Testing Center “Omega” was re-organized into commercially independent Public Enterprise Testing Center “Omega” specializing in certification of telecommunications.


Types of marine equipment and tests performed at the Testing Center “Omega”


The Testing Center “Omega” performs testing of different types of marine radio communication equipment:


-         COSPAS-SARSAT radio beacons;

-         HF, MF, MW radio transmitters with output power up to 1500 W;

-         Shipborne land stations Inmarsat B, -C, -M and Inmarsat F77;

-         9 GHz search and rescue radar transponders;

-         Shipborne VHF radio stations with output power up to 50 W;

-         LW, MW, HF, VHF shipborne radio receivers;

-         VHF radio beacons of rescue equipment;

-         VHF-antennas;

-         AIS transponders class A;

-         SVDR-capsule EPIRB 406 MHz.


Testing Center “Omega” performs different types of testing, including:


-         Performance tests;

-         Electric and radio measurements;

-         Climatic tests;

-         Mechanical tests;

-         Special tests (water-tightness, dust-proofness, salt fog resistance, etc.);

-         Acoustical tests;

-         Electromagnetic compatibility tests;

-         Reliability tests;

-         Safety tests;


Testing Center “Omega” performs tests of radio equipment for:


-         Type Approval to the Rules for the Equipment of Sea-Going Ships of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and Shipping Register of Ukraine;

-         Type Approval to the requirements of Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation;

-         Type Approval to the requirements of the US Coast Guard;

-         Type Approval to COSPAS-SARSAT requirements;

-         To the requirements of IMO Resolutions, IEC, ITU-R, ITU-T standards;

-         To the requirements of European EN, ETSI standards;

-         To the requirements of RTCM standards and FCC rules;



Summary of testing performed by “Omega” in the relevant areas:


Testing Center “Omega” has conducted more than 1000 tests of various types of radio communication equipment, including tests of 23 radio beacon models, manufactured by 15 manufacturers from 6 countries in 4 world regions (Europe, North America, the Near East and South-East Asia).


Recent tests of COSPAS-SARSAT radio beacons performed by the PE TC “Omega”:


During February 2006 - October 2008 the PE TC “Omega” tested 12 radio beacon models manufactured by 8 manufacturers (Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Germany, Korea), and performed the test of a new model of high-stability reference oscillator from a leading manufacturer.


In the beginning of 2007 Omega has started co-operation with the London based Company SEDAM Communications Limited in the direction of enhancing the Omega presence in testing of marine radio equipment for Western customers. Since then Omega has obtained US CG approval and was registered with FCC.


SEDAM Communications Limited.  A UK based company with "front line" offices in Russia, Netherlands Antilles. The Company is dedicated to providing services in 2 key areas:


- Organising and conducting R&D projects in high tech areas, particularly in Computer and Electronic R&D. We use R&D institutions in the CIS and the UK and Independent Experts from around the world. Our Customers are from all the leading industrial nations.

- Consulting in maritime radio communication and radio navigation systems. Consulting in International Standards and Type approval of Marine Electronics.


Company employees have longstanding experience in testing of different types of Marine radio equipment: traditional (MF, HF, UHF), Inmarsat, Cospas-Sarsat, including direct involvement in Type Approval of dozens of Cospas-Sarsat beacons.


Personnel, who perform or witness tests. Training and Experience

A team of 8 professionals, each of them with a University degree in a relevant field with a relevant work experience ranging from 3 to 33 years.


Important Note:

All communications are in English, though other working languages can be used.

TA Project Development Chart






Project Definition,

Draft Specification / Statement of Work




SEDAM Communications Ltd




Specification / Statement of Work Clarification





SEDAM Communications Ltd



Project Planning (Gantt Chart)




SEDAM Communications Ltd




R&D Project  Schedule Clarification and Approval

Invoice to Customer**

Advance payment***





SEDAM Communications Ltd


TA testing,







Report Acceptance, Payment,

Submission the results to TA Authorities





SEDAM Communications Ltd


Additional testing, as appropriate

Report amendments






Report Acceptance,

Payment for Additional testing, as appropriate


*       Example of Gantt Chart can be provided upon request

**     Introductory R&D Rate USD 15 / hour and The Project Price is calculated on the basis of the Gantt Chart schedule agreed between Customer and SEDAM Communications Ltd. Valid for the First TA project ordered by 01/01/2009. Future rates will be in the region 20-25 USD subject to order volume.

***   Advance Payment Phase is normally 25% of project price


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