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Our goal is to provide and constantly add new possibilities for information exchange in the world. We are always searching for new ideas. Many of the recent improvements of our service is the direct result of the suggestions made by visitors and members. We take very seriously any your comment.

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We provide a unique Internet service to users throughout the World! The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for anyone regardless of where in the world they are and of possible language barriers. At least 70% of the Earth's population can read our pages!

You are visiting the Website dedicated to Bridging the East and West:

Russian resources and skills are offered to the Global Market!

Unlimited Chinese, Russian and CIS market is offered to Western technologies!

Most-Bridge Program (MBP) is primarily dedicated to Research and Development work in Information Technology and Electronics, however any high tech projects, advanced products and high level services can be offered or ordered via the MBP. The MBP is not industry-specific, the sole criterion is general interest of international community and international market. Any Participant worldwide can benefit from this open initiative. Whether you want something from abroad or you can offer something of interest in a foreign country – Welcome Aboard the MBP

Are you looking for business partners? Do you have products you wish to present to either side? We are here to help. Have a brief look at what you can find in our extensive Directories.

In our extensive Directories you can find answers to your many questions in relation to building a successful cooperation across the Bridge. These Directories were created on the basis of information provided by MBP Participants.

Service Directory provides all you need to feel at home when you are abroad. Just look for different categories of services, and find the service Provided by MBP Participants in the required location with all the necessary contact information.

Extensive Professionals Directory provides all you need to find:

Research & Development Directory provides all you need to Order or Offer Research and Development work for your Company. It can be a one off Project or a beginning of a long term business relationship.

You can offer or find a Study Course and a Learning Establishment (e.g. University, Boarding School etc.) at Home or Abroad in our Education Directory. It can be a specific subject such as English or Russian or a University Course at any required level.

Trade Directory helps to not only find the right Product to buy or sell, but to build an efficient Distribution Network across the Bridge or to become a successful franchiser.

Business Directory is the right place on the Internet to find an investment opportunity at home and abroad. It is our mission to provide those, on both sides of the Bridge, searching for businesses to buy or sell with up-to-date opportunities. Provide us with your requirements in one of The Website Languages and we will deliver them across the Bridge to those searching for offers like yours.

Our Real Estate Directory is a place on the web where everyone can find solutions to their needs in the property sector worldwide. If you are selling or renting out a property, industrial or private dwelling, you can put your property details on our site. Equally, if you are looking for property of any kind to buy or rent and having difficulties in finding it, you can place your requirements here.

In our Market Directory we are offering a wide variety of antiques and collectibles including Paintings, Books, Vinyl records, Designer clothes, Souvenirs, Jewelry, Pottery, Advertising collectibles, Ephemera and much more. A spectacular blend of goods on Offer or Order from around the World!

The Arts Directory is the right place to find art information from around the world. The “Arts” category, as it is covered by MBP, is composed of many expressive disciplines. It encompasses such artistic directions as visual arts, performing arts, literature, etc.

MBP has established The Envirinment Directory of The Website as a reminder to all our Participants that while international cooperation is a vital part of technological, social and cultural progress, the International community should also undertake various actions and policies in the interest of both protecting what nature remains in the natural environment and intensifying the role of nature in this environment.

If you were not able to find the information you require on our classified lists you may wish to try the list provided in the Miscellaneous Directory which also contains a selction of general interest information.

Just think how easily, by using the MBP, you could:

Provide us with your ideas in one of The Website Languages and we will deliver them to your potential partners across the Bridge.

MBP is a rapidly expanding community of internationally minded companies and individuals from an array of professional and cultural backgrounds. If you want to participate, please join us – registration is free. Please click here to register.


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